Welcome to HP INFO 2 Welcome to HP INFO

Welcome to HP INFO 2

We take the time to fully understand both your specific requirements and your organisation’s culture. We draws strength by utilizing the knowledge and experience of existing companies that dedicate time and money to become the best in their varying fields.

Welcome to HP INFO

We take the time to fully understand both your specific requirements and your organisation’s culture. We draws strength by utilizing the knowledge and experience of existing companies that dedicate time and money to become the best in their varying fields.

HP Infosystem has worked closely with its clients and industry partners to develop feasible, state of the art technology solutions. In the past 10 years HP Infosystem has built solutions in the following domains:

Automotive Industry:

EzNewCar EzNewCar is a software platform built for consumers who want the best prices available from dealers. An accurate price without the hassle of having to sign up for news letters, or having to deal with excessive sales calls, marketing campaigns etc. "EzNewCar: Dealer to Driveway in 3 EzSteps" where consumers want to shop for the best pricing within their budget, from all dealers within their geo-centric location. Consumers can maintain their privacy and search dealers inventory without having to provide any information unless they are absolutely ready to get their new vehicle for the price they want, and from the dealer of their choice.

EzNewCar is designed with consumer in mind, and dealer inventory in the showcase! Key capabilities of EzNewCar:

Completely built in OpenSource Technologies
Designed for heavy duty data processing
Innovative design to leverage Cloud Architecture

 Law Industry:

lawyers app

LAPP is the next generation of time-recording and billable hours tracking for Law-firms of small to large scale. Designed with simplicity, intuitive user experience in mind LAPP is a mobile application for enterprise. Law firms are concerned about the security of their devices, and tracking billable hours both in and out of office. LAPP makes tracking time management and matter tracking easy, and traceable across the firm. 

LAPP supports roles, scheduled and unscheduled event tracking, in & out office communications, voice memos, matter contacts logs, multi-media and more. 

Choosing a mobility solution has never been so intuitive, flexible and scalable for law-firms of all sizes and compositions.

Management Industry:

 Consultant Tracker

Consultant Tracker, also called employee time tracking is a system used to keep track of time card and office location information of employees that may help managers to locate employees and keep track of working hours.

Time tracking option in Consultant tracker is simply the measurement and documenting of hours worked. With technology businesses can also track additional data such as efficiency and employee productivity.

Every employee have individual account to login and enter their time sheets on weekly basis and approved by the management.

School Industry:


School2home is an application which connects parent/teacher and student in a single loop. It keeps tracks the student once he left from home to school until he/she comes back to home.

With its simplicity and reliability S2H provides day-to-day activities of the student in a secured environment. This application gives information about the events, calendars, class schedules, homework/assignment schedules, test scores parent teacher meetings and alerts happening in the school.

S2H also has a GPS watch which shows the location of the student.



TrackB also known as Bus tracker which provides the route of the bus from home to school and from school to home. With route, location and estimate arrival time features makes the parents' work easy.








Local2Here free mobile application is developed to provide you with a sense of local presence in your chosen neighborhood. Experience the neighborhood as a local and places of interest to best suit your needs.

You can able to search anything, anytime and anywhere around your chosen proximity radius and once you select the address it will provide you the direction options using GPS.


Telecom Gateway: 

TelecomGatewayTelecommunications gateway is a networking hardware which interfaces one network with the another network using protocols.  Gateways have several forms which including routers or computers and can perform various kinds of tasks.

A gateway contain devices such as protocol translators, impedance matching devices, rate converters, fault isolators, or signal translators as necessary to provide system inseparability. It also requires the establishment of mutually acceptable administrative procedures between both networks.

A protocol translation/mapping gateway interconnects networks with different network protocol technologies by performing the required protocol conversions.



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HP Infosystem is a comprehensive consulting and IT Services provider of absolute tech-business solutions having strong expertise and extensive technical skills with global delivery capabilities.

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